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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Freeze & Pleeze! (...toothless division)

Amen to that, Kristin! Freezer cooking has been one of the most fun discoveries for me. Every day, it seems, I think of something new that would work well as a freezer-friendly food. Ironically, I sat down to find your post right after closing the freezer door to a fun, new adventure.

TIP FOR MOMMIES...For those of you who feel the way I do about watching what goes into our bodies (especially our little ones), and who also find reward in saving money wherever possible, I am excited to share this tip. Make your own baby food and then freeze it in small, single-serving amounts. As a mom, I feel such comfort in knowing that I'm feeding my baby food that I inspected, selected, and prepared with him in mind, and that it is packed with nutrition and vitamins--no preservatives or additives whatsoever!

If it sounds like too much work, know that it's SO simple; you could easily take half a day or a long morning and provide weeks of food for your little one. The sacrifice is well worth the benefit. Simply cook the vegetable--or fruit--the way you would if you were to eat it for dinner (omit any butter or seasonings), and then toss it in a blender or food processor. If necessary, add just enough water or breast milk to gain the desired consistency. Make sure to let the food blend long enough to eliminate any clumps that could be choking hazards. Then freeze it in your preferred style. It's that simple! Rule of thumb: If you are contemplating whether to bake or boil something that could go either way, bake it. You will retain more nutrients and avoid water-log.

I did purchase some baby food in order to get some containers to use for freezing, so today I put his pureed vegetables in plastic Gerber containers with snap-on lids (I'm not sure if plastic is ideal). If you want to steer clear of the plastic or want smaller portion sizes, just flash freeze your servings in ice cube trays, then pop them out and store in a freezer bag for quick, easy use. My girlfriend did it this way and then just stuck a cube of vegetables in a portable dish with a lid and tossed it in the diaper bag. Either way works great!

I recognize that baby food companies are doing more and more all the time to ensure that our babies get quality food, but there is no question that they are getting the BEST when it's straight from God's bounty. Dallin has voiced his approval many times with an affirming "mmmmm"....after each bite. Sometimes I even have to steal a taste!


Kristin said...

I am definitely going to do this also. I haven't started feeding Willow solids yet but I bought our first box of rice cereal today. It is comforting knowing exactly what you're feeding them!

Kristin said...

I forgot, are the plastic containers air tight? I go through at least 4 a day with Semry and could save them but they don't seem to snap on tight. Have you noticed freezer burn?

Austin, Taylor and Baby said...

I was worried about the whole idea of doing plastic but loved the thought of having the food ready to toss in the diaper bag--no fuss, so I'm still on the 'trial period' to see how it does. I was concerned about freezer burn, so I just filled the containers to the very top so that when I pressed the lid on, the food helped to seal it, if that makes sense. I didn't leave any space for air. Then I bagged the containers in Ziploc freezer bags. I'll have to pull one out and see how it holds up. I'll let you know!....

PS. To be honest though, even when I used to freeze my milk in ice cube trays and then transfer them to freezer bags, I hated how 'exposed' the cubes seemed. I'm hoping that these containers work well to provide an extra barrier...we'll see.