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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nancy Lueck's Salsa

I put our changes and thoughts in italics.

30 tomatoes peeled and cut (we used mostly Romas, but any mixture is good, I think)
4 small onions (we used one JUMBO white onion)
4 green peppers
1 can green chilies (we used 3)
1 3oz can jalapenos or 8-12 fresh depending on how hot you like (we took the seeds out of half of them. The more seeds, the more spicy it is)
3 TBL garlic powder
1 TBL pepper
1 TBL salt or to taste
1/2 cup vinegar
*Elliot added about 1 TBL of cumin---yum
(you can add cilantro if you like)

Peel tomatoes and chop them and the other veggies. Add other ingredients. Mix together.


Cook (simmer) to desired consistency (2-3hrs)
Elliot and I liked it raw best. We did the 2nd canning method, and even the 20 minutes changed it quite a bit. Still good...but not the same texture and pizzaz.
Nancy's words:
This how my mother did and now I do my tomatoes and my hot sauce.
Your salsa is on the stove hot, you have washed your jars already in the dish washer, so they're clean, then on the stove you have two pans of water boiling.
Into 1 goes 2-4 pint jars or quart jars to sterilize the other pan you put your lids and rings into.
Then you take out a jar that is very hot ,add salsa that is very hot, put on lid and ring that is very hot, and screw on. Set aside they will seal or pop pretty quick.

Or you can mix all ingredients together (not cooked), fill jars
process for 20 mins in boiling water bath.
Ours didn't seal until we woke up the next morning, but they did seal.

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