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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amazing Deals

Anyone who is willing to make a drive and shop in a warehouse-y kind of place might want to check out NPS. They get in boxes that are dented, things that stores have over-ordered, things that go out of date soon...stuff like that. Rarely the same deals twice---kindof like a treasure hunt every time.

I especially thought of Kristin when I saw that they had TONS of frozen pie crusts like she gave us to make the homemade pot pie. Get this-- $.50/box. Sweet. Hormone free frozen chicken breasts and tenders for $1.00/package, ten for a dollar whipping cream that is frozen...and sometimes there are super great deals on produce.

If you end up going, you might want to try one of the many chocolate angel food cakes in the freezer section. I quite like it for a sweet, mostly fat free indulgence.

NPS address: 1600 S. Empire Road in Salt Lake City. Enjoy!

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